Twisted Soul Collective’s massive 2014 ‘Shake & Blow’ hit,
originally released on Greg Wilson’s A&R edits, gets a much
welcomed digital release alongside fresh new reworks from
Chuggin Edits and a collaborative ‘Reshake’ from Fingerman and
‘Shake & Blow’ has all the ingredients for a peak time, hands-in-the-air anthem. From the exhilarating horn
section and heavyweight bass, to Twisted Soul Collective’s masterful dubbing and filtering of the funk
samples, they create a state of fever pitch enhanced by the ever-present buildups and subsequent drops. It’s
a melting pot of energy. Pure euphoria.
As for the new edits, Hot Digits head honcho Fingerman and TSC join forces to take things straight back to
‘80s New York airwaves, with a b-boy styled, boogie reshake. Coupling those funk breakbeats with
squelching acid synths, a weighty double kick and a deep bassline, it’s a harder-hitting weapon to have in
the arsenal.
Known for his releases on Masterworks, Hot Digits and FKR and co-captain of Slightly Transformed
Records, Chuggin Edits lays down a low-slung, disco-house dub version of ‘Shake & Blow’ to close out the
EP. Savoring the vocal samples for choice moments, it’s a heads down, late-night journey that will draw
you in and keep you entranced throughout.